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News Bites

June 8, 2017

So pleased to announce that Cheezy Bizness is moving to Medicine Hat with her new owner Chris Piche! We have had an amazing 5 seasons in Calgary and now we are looking forward to focusing on our other baby - Porter's Tonic. For those of you who wish to follow the adventures of Nicole Fewell, please follow @PortersTonic on Facebook and Twitter. Stay tuned to this account for what's next for Cheezy and Chris.

You can still get all of your favorites when you visit Medicine Hat as the menu remains the same. Chris is a lovely human who is so excited to bring all of Cheezy's goodness to the Hat and I wish him great success! One note, Cheezy will be back for Calgary Folk Fest, so Chris and I look forward to seeing you in food vendor alley! Special thanks to all my family, friends and industry support, you know who you are and I love you. A big thanks also to all our amazing fans, who we will truly miss seeing out on the streets. It's been a slice.

Our Philosophy

We love food and feeding people! Using local, hormone and antibiotic free meats and eggs, as well as fresh pesticide free vegetables, we make our sandwiches with as much love and passion as we can pack in. It's all about the flavour profile! We make food that you will come back for and crave time and time again.

We support these local farms: Spragg's Meat Shop and Sunshine Greenhouses. Our bread is supplied by Redcliff Bakery.

Events & Catering

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